Four Reasons Roller Blinds are the Perfect Modern Window Covering

Posted on: 24 February 2017

When people think of roller blinds, there's sometimes a tendency to see them as a relic of the past. If you're still seeing this type of window shade as outdated, you've missed out on their surge in popularity in recent years. Changing tastes and developments in roller blind design have put the curtain alternatives back in the spotlight, seeing them installed in homes of all sizes and styles. Here are the top reasons you should consider roller blinds for your next window shade treatment.

They're attractive Sleek, slimline roller blinds offer a true alternative to ordinary curtains, and their unique style has put them firmly back in fashion. They offer a practical way to cover windows without being fussy or bulky, and they're available in just about any colour or pattern you could wish for. Unlike curtains, they don't wrinkle or crease as they're used, so you can maintain a neat, clean look at all times.

They're versatile Because they were out of the picture for a while, roller blinds can look modern enough to fit in with a contemporary style, whether it's minimalist or one with more comprehensive decoration. That said, they can still work perfectly in a more traditional look, so they can adapt to your style, whatever it may be. 

They're convenient Nothing could be simpler than adjusting blinds when you want to let in more or less light or gain privacy by closing them fully. No more messing about with curtains and ties, since roller blinds can be adjusted in seconds and opened to precisely the amount you want. This gives you full control over light levels, which is ideal for television or reading rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and just about anywhere else.

If you really want to up the convenience stakes, you can get roller blinds that swap the manual pull operation for a motorised, remote control operation. Being able to adjust your blinds from the comfort of your seat is an unbeatable benefit for living rooms or bedrooms.

They're low maintenance Flat, straight, wrinkle-free roller blinds don't really have anywhere for dust to hide, so there's little need to worry about keeping them dust-free with regular cleaning. You won't need to put them in the washing machine to keep them hygienic, and most roller blind materials are treated with a UV-resistant substance to keep them looking as good as new, even when the sun is beating down on them every day.