Why Sliding Wardrobe Doors Are An Absolute Must For City Living

Posted on: 30 September 2021

Australia has quite a few cities with over a million inhabitants, with most people in the country living in a metropolitan district and not in the more rural areas. With so many people living in these cities, close-quarters living is unavoidable and many people actually enjoy living in apartments and small terraces, as these offer you close access to a variety of services, entertainment options and work. However, when living in smaller buildings, conservation of space is vital and there is perhaps no more obvious sign of this than with your wardrobe doors. Here is why you should convert your traditional wardrobe door into a sliding alternative.

Less Chance Of Damage

With so many items and belongings packed into your home, you likely are storing some in the outward arc of your door. This is unavoidable for many people, and it can be anything from a standing light to a stack of books you haven't found a space for. It is very easy to accidentally swing open your wardrobe door a little bit too far and smash into these belongings that you have placed precariously in the way. Sliding wardrobe doors negate any chance for this sort of collision as they follow a very precise track that is then hidden in the wall.

Use The Space Wisely

With more space freed up by your sliding wardrobe doors, you can now securely put some items in the place that used to be the path of the outward swinging door. However, it is best to be pragmatic about what to put there, as you still don't want the room to be messy. Instead, why not keep your laundry basket there, right next to the rest of your clothes. Or, you might find that you can even install a mirrored sliding door so that this space becomes your place to style outfits before you go out. Don't just dump a chair or some large object in this newfound space, integrate it with your wardrobe.

Easy To Open

Sliding doors are exceptionally easy, and for many people, fun to open as the smooth track guides the door open with very little momentum required. Swinging doors in old buildings can be quite heavy and creaky, to say the least, with many getting stuck in warped doorframes that have been there for decades. If you have a frustratingly annoying wardrobe door that you hate struggling with every morning, maybe it is time to upgrade to a more modern and simple option. 

Look into sliding wardrobe doors for your home.