5 Bonus Features of Security Mesh

Posted on: 16 July 2018

Most sliding security doors are accompanied by a security mesh that acts as a reinforcer, especially when the doors are made of glass. Sliding security doors enhance the safety of your home and also add some aesthetic value to the house. But what about the security mesh? Is it only good for keeping burglars out? Below are some bonuses, aside from security, that you acquire when you install security mesh in your home.

Insect Barrier

Some people refer to security mesh as a fly screen because of its effectiveness in keeping flying and crawling insects outside. In comparison to windows, shades or curtains that can be blown open by the wind, the security mesh stays intact, meaning that insects cannot find a way to enter your house. The smaller the mesh spaces, the more insects that will be kept away.

Dust Trap

When you have your sliding security door open, the security mesh acts as the barrier between your house and the outside. With small mesh spaces, dust can get trapped, therefore preventing it from getting into the house. This is a very effective way of keeping the house dust free, especially if you or any other family member has dust allergies.


Security mesh does not compromise your view from within the house. This means that you can still see everything that is happening outside like you would if there was no security mesh. However, some security mesh can block the view from outside. That means that someone looking inside your house will not get the same full view as a person inside. This is great for security purposes, and it also provides privacy just as shades or curtains do.

Air Circulation

One of the best advantages of a security mesh is air circulation. Since sliding security doors take up a lot of space, the area open for air to come in and out of the house will also be large. In addition to windows and ventilators, the security mesh will be an added air circulating point, allowing for your house to be cool and fresh all the time.


If nothing else, security meshes add a level of attractiveness to a house. You can get a security mesh of different materials, sizes and designs. With this kind of diversity, you can have a security mesh that not only keeps you and your family safe, but also contributes to the value of the house.