How to Remove Minor Dents From Your Aluminium Garage Roller Door

Posted on: 19 August 2021

Just like other styles of residential garage doors, garage roller doors can develop problems. While some of these problems will require the expertise and experience of a fully trained garage door technician, others require relatively easy fixes that even you can provide.

A dented garage door is one of the problems you can fix on your own if the damage is minor. That said, the repair process for dents varies based on the door construction material.

Aluminium is a highly malleable metal material. While this quality makes it more susceptible to damage than other roller door construction materials like steel, it also makes it easier to repair as the material can be shaped or bent with less effort. If you have an aluminium garage roller door in your home, use this repair guide to pop out dents that may appear on your door.

1. Clean the dented area 

Use a sponge and a bucket of lukewarm water mixed with a small amount of mild household liquid detergent to wipe off any dirt, gunk, and grime from the area of the repair.

2. Allow sufficient time for the cleaned area to dry thoroughly

You don't require any special tool to dry the wet area. Just leave it exposed to the air and let natural airflow do the rest.

3. Cover the dent 

Place a strip of tinfoil over the dent and hold it in place with tape. This will help define the area of the repair.

4. Heat the foil

Use a lighter or heat gun to uniformly heat the foil and the sheet metal behind it. The application of heat will cause the metal to expand.

5. Cool the heated dent immediately

Remove the foil and immediately spray the dented area with the can of compressed air upturned. The compressed air should cool the metal fast enough to get the dent out of your door.

The dent repair process for aluminium garage roller doors works based on the principle of expansion and contraction of materials. As the hot metal rapidly gets cooled by the compressed air, it will revert to its original shape, popping out the dent in the process. Garage door dents are not only unsightly but they can also cause problems for your door operation if they're left unaddressed. To prevent this from happening, you should never ignore garage roller door dents.

If you need professional help with fixing a dented garage roller door, feel free to contact a roller door repair company.